What’s New in Beamer 3.0


Chromecast support

Beamer 3.0 supports streaming directly to Chromecast and other Google Cast devices. This includes subtitle support for all formats supported by Beamer: external files, embedded in movies, text based, picture based.

Redesigned interface

A new, modern interface that makes commonly accessed options such as selecting the audio track or subtitles easier. The playlist is now integrated into the player window of the app, and displays the titles of previously viewed movies, making it easy to select a favorite video for additional viewing. Or, if preferred, the app can automatically remove the titles of already watched movies from the list.

Apple TV Remote

Skip movies with the Apple TV remote

Go to the next movie on the playlist by double-clicking the play button on the Apple Remote. Just like skipping a track with the Apple headphones clicker!

Improved subtitles support

In addition to subtitle files such as SubRip (.srt) and MPL, Beamer 3.0 also supports BluRay (.sup) and DVD (.sub/.idx) subtitles as external files.


And much more…

  • Supports the fourth-generation Apple TV
  • Options to automatically select subtitles and audio tracks of a certain language
  • Option to set Beamer to automatically use a surround soundtrack when available
  • Set a playlist or a movie to repeat automatically
  • Detects more subtitle tracks in VOB files
  • Improved automatic subtitle selection
  • Improved color accuracy for movies using the bt709 color matrix
  • Updated transcoding backend
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements